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Virtual Wedding during Covid19

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

So this lovely couple, David + Natalie were not going to let COVID-19 win. They had already lost their dream south coast venue and the big wedding. No problem, they will do this little ceremony at home, with their kids and just family.

Then we are told about the restrictions of 5 people MAX at any weddings, in public or otherwise. This crushed them as their kids were such an important part of the decision to get married and all were so invested in the day. Damn you Covid! But they were determined to let LOVE win. So they went ahead, adhering to the social distancing rules, with just two parents there and me. The kids were in the house listening via speaker but on the TV screen were about 30 of their nearest and dearest via Zoom (including Ch 9 News Online). (read on)

It was such a special and loving ceremony. Natalie + David had written the most beautiful, special vows to each other. There really wasn't much I could add as their words said so much and this private ceremony was ALL about them.

I did sneakily ask all the Zoom guests to create a little poster while they waited for us to start so everyone could hold them up at the end. This was the perfect surprise for the couple.

I left behind a full script of the ceremony in case the kids wanted to read through it later.

Natalie + David will have a full celebration later with all their friends and family when restrictions are lifted but to me these two flipping Covid 'the bird' and saying LOVE WINS told me everything I needed to know about them and I couldn't wait to help them say I DO.

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