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Hunter Valley Gardens wedding ceremony with smiling and laughing Sydney marriage celebrant and MC Jo Booth.

All about Jo?
What about meeeeeee?

(good luck getting that tune out of your head)

I am a Sydney wedding celebrant who also LOVES to MC wedding receptions and other events. I have years of experience working on loads of different types of events and I am BUSTING to make your wedding ceremony or special event fun, unique, and one you will never forget and my organisation skills will ensure it runs to time with all vendors doing their part while we all have a bloody good time.

I love my dog (check her out below), riding horses all over the world and riding my Vespa all over Sydney. 

Favourite booze: Love a beer on a hot day but French bubbles for the win

Favourite food: Roast lamb. NO! Roast pork, no wait...BOTH.

Favourite holiday destination: Croatia, Greek Islands, Whitsundays

Why did I become a civil marriage celebrant?
I’m so glad you asked.

When the marriage equality plebiscite (or "plebishite") was happening I got into a 'discussion' with someone (who was voting NO and I needed to understand why) and got so frustrated I ended the conversation with "Well I'm just going to become a celebrant and marry ANYONE who wants to get married - so take that!". Now I owe that person a beer as it was the best decision I ever made (and I think I won the argument). 

I love using my event experience and getting to 'couple' that (do not excuse that pun) with my love of public speaking and crafting a great speech. I know how to wrangle and engage a crowd and take them on a journey. But my favourite part of this job is getting to know you and your love story so I can craft a bespoke ceremony, one that will live on long after the wedding cake. One that will make you laugh while also making your heart skip a beat. 

Two grooms are better than one. Marriage equality is important to Jo Booth, Sydney marriage celebrant.
Smiling Jo Booth, Sydney marriage celebrant with her greyhound, Zia

What is my mantra.......

“Life is short, break the rules. Forgive quickly, kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.”  Mark Twain.

Why should you choose me?

Well done on reading this far. You must really be ‘picking up what I am puttin' down’?

Choose me if you want a celebrant that values inclusivity and diversity. All love is equal and I won't put up with anything doesn't align to these personal values.

But if you want a wedding celebrant that uses humour and wit but also works bloody hard to be professional and organised I am it. I promise to work super hard to nail your event. I want it to be everything you hoped for, and then a scooch more.

I want to make your special event even more special-er (It's a word, I swear) and one that you and YOUR guests will never forget.

Who's the pooch in the pic?

That is my gorgeous greyhound, Zia. Well her official 'stage' name is Zia Maria Shania Twain. I admit it, I am her slave.

She is equal parts chill and crazy. I adore her.

She’s so much fun when she isn’t busy stopping my couch from flying away.  Greyhounds really are 50km/hour couch potatoes.

She'll happily come to your wedding BTW.

What's the process in getting hitched?

Here it is, step-by-step...


Drop me a line via my contact form, let's see if I'm available on your date


I'll respond super quick and we can tee-up an obligation-free chat so we can see if we are a good fit. 


You book me! (Well done). Next we meet up, sign your Notice of Intended Marriage (I'll tell you what I.D. to bring) and we start planning your dream wedding ceremony.


I get to work on drafting an Order of Service based on what we discussed. I will also send you a Couples Questionnaire so I can really get to know you and get started on writing a cracking ceremony script. 


We meet up for "talk through". It's sort of rehearsal where I take you through the Order of Service and discuss the ceremony in detail. I want you to leave that meeting feeling confident and super pumped about your ceremony.


BOOM! It's your wedding day!  Leave all the worries to me. I've got your back. I'll be there early and go above and beyond to make sure your ceremony is a success.


YOU ARE MARRIED! Within 48 hours I will ensure your paperwork is lodged with Births, Deaths and Marriages and will send you an email to let you know. After that it's just happily every after. 

Whats the process in getting hitched?
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