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Master (or is it Mistress) of Ceremonies 

Relax. Enjoy your wedding reception (or any event). You've got a pro on the case.

I LOVE to deliver the most amazing events for my clients/couples. 


I am there from straight after the ceremony till the your dance floors is jumping (usually a 5 hour package)

I'll help get your party started and running to time while working with the venue and your other vendors.

Just a tip. Wedding venues like to work with professionals. 

Tell me you aren't thinking any of the below thoughts................. 

1) That you can run your whole wedding day and coordinate it all as well (worse idea ever). Besides being exhausted in the lead up to your wedding, you won't be able to relax or enjoy your day cause you will be flat out and sorting out every last detail. 

2) You ask a guest coming to the wedding to be your MC (I have been that guest). Now ask yourself - is that person a GUEST or are they working for you? Just cause Uncle Barry is bossy and funny at Christmas lunch doesn't mean he wants to MC your wedding (or would be any good at it). Perhaps they say YES but they take it really seriously and don't get to relax all wedding cause they are a bit stressed. OR worse, they get a little sozzled and are terrible on the microphone or keeping things to time. #nightmare

3) You ask that funny friend who usually runs the trivia events at work. Sure they are good with that event but do they really know how to work with a wedding venue and the key ingredients to making a great wedding reception? An event you are spending literally thousands of dollars on. 


You've spent too much money on the wedding reception to leave it to chance. A professional will make sure the meals are late or cold. They will make sure that photographer and videographer get the good shots. They know how to end a long boring speech and put energy back in the room. 

My many years of event and MC experience means I can pull together a run sheet, get all the vendors collaborating and power up a sound system.

I make sure we all work together to help deliver a flawless and fun wedding reception or event, the likes of which have never been seen.​

A lot of work goes into MCing your wedding or event and I will be there to usher your guests to their seats., get that dance floor pumping, get those speeches happening. Basically I will be there till the last sparkler goes out OR till you send me home (hopefully with a piece of cake too #perksofthejob).


With a proper MC you get to relax and ENJOY your wedding knowing it's running to time and as you always planned.

You aren't relying on a guest or family member who should be relaxing and having fun. 

Wedding reception at Terrara House, Terrara NSW with Jo Booth Sydney marriage celebrant and MC. Bride and groom with two witnessing cheering with hands in the air in front of Terrara House.

“We were looking for a celebrant who matched our personality and style for the wedding. We were recommended Jo Booth through another celebrant. Jo exceeded our expectations in every way. She was funny, creative, hardworking, professional, and just a lot of fun to be around. We were able to hand over so much of the implementation of our wedding to her, with full confidence it would get done our way. For the few weeks before the wedding, Jo was available for any last-minute issues or concerns we had. Her communication was excellent. Jo was also the MC at our wedding. She did an incredible job and brought a lot of fun and personality to the evening. Several of our guests commented on the brilliant job Jo did and asked if she was part of the family. We would highly recommend Jo to any other couple.”  Matt + Meredith

WAIT? WHAT? I have a discount? Yep, you bet.

If you book me as your marriage celebrant AND MC - that's the Double Whammy..... 

AND I'll discount my MC rate for you. #yourewelcome

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