Wedding & Event MC

Relax and enjoy your wedding reception knowing a professional is on the case.

I LOVE to deliver the most amazing wedding receptions for my couples. 


I am there from straight after the ceremony till the last sparkler goes out

I can help get your party started and keep it running to time, working with the venue and the other vendors/ suppliers.

My many years of event and MC experience which means I can pull together a run sheet, power up a sound system and help deliver a flawless and fun wedding reception or event.

A lot of work goes into MCing your wedding or event but it will be better than you ever imagined. But I will be there from ushers your guests in till you hit the dance floor and the whole thing is jumping. 

With a proper MC you get to relax knowing it's running to time and as you always planned. You aren't relying on a guest or family member who should be relaxing and having fun. 

Don't trick yourself into thinking that you can run it all on the day (worst idea ever). And please.......don't ask that really organised or funny friend of yours who is coming along anyway. Ask yourself, are they a guest at your wedding OR are they working for you on the day? They won't really be able to relax till it's over or worse, they get a little drunky-wunky and the whole thing goes sideways.

Just because Uncle Terry is funny around the Christmas dinner table doesn't mean he'll be able to keep your wedding reception on track. Especially not after 20 beers. Don't you want him to relax and have fun? Get a professional on your side!

I can help get your party started and keep it running to time, working with the venue and the other vendors/suppliers ....

WAIT? WHAT? You have a discount? Yep, you bet.

If you book me as your marriage celebrant AND Emcee...... 

WELL....then I'll discount my MC rate for you. #yourewelcome

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