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Vowel Renewals, Commitment Ceremonies & Naming Ceremonies Sydney

Celebrate that special anniversary, a new life person, the perfect pet or
re-commit to your love all over again.

From $500

Want to celebrate a special anniversary or name a special person?

I'll work with you, get to know you as a couple or the special person involved write a personal and engaging script that'll kick off the rest of your event so you can get on with the party. ​

Do you want to renew your vows at a significant anniversary? 

Or ready for a Commitment Ceremony? 

Perhaps your original ceremony wasn't what you had hoped for or was missing some key people?

Why not re-stage your wedding?

Do you want to include your gorgeous pet or 'fur baby/babies'? 

Or maybe you want to welcome a new soul into the world or celebrant your new blended family? 

I'd be happy to help. I'll work with you to write a personal and engaging script by getting to know all I can about the person in question or you the couple. I want to kick off celebrations so you can get on with the party.

Usually not available Saturday afternoons (but let's discuss never know your luck)

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