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Tips and tricks before your wedding day and how to make sure you enjoy every second.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Jo Booth Celebrant

Ok, so you have done all the planning, you have a checklist and a journal and you are ORGANISED! Go you!

Here are just a few last-minute things that might help you feel more relaxed and help you enjoy your day and really be present.

In the week(s) leading up

Back up plans........You can of course check the forecast but having a Plan B, C, and D to cover wind, rain, bushfires, extreme heat - having those in mind wi

lt will give you so much peace of mind if you have to enact them. Talk to your vendors and venue. Make sure THEY are prepared for plans B, C, and D.

Can you buy umbrellas or parasols or even rent them? What about a water station for your guests if it's going to be super hot or moving the ceremony to a shady area?

Having Plan B, C and D probably mean you WON'T need it.

Wear-in your wedding shoes……. I know you want to keep them perfect but if you don’t wear them in they will KILL you. Wear them around the house and pop them on the night before too. Or have a pair of flats ready to pop on so you CAN dance the night away.

The night before

Check the weather…… will it be windy? Does anything need to be tied down? For the ladies what about your hair? Or a veil? Will it really work in a windy environment?

What about rain? Is the wet weather plan B ready to go? Will it be super-hot? Is there shade? Is water available? Will there be elderly guests that may be affected?

Pack an Esky…. with some decent snacks and drinks and pop it in a car. Crack this open during photos, you’ll all be starving and it might be a while till a full meal. You can get drunk too early on an empty stomach and just ruin your night.

Go easy on the booze the night before……..that's everyone in the wedding party. The last thing you need is a hangover for the next day or to look puffing or smell boozy. It will make for a super long day otherwise.

On the day

REMEMBER you’ll be signing legal documents. If your marriage celebrant assesses you’re under the influence and unable to legally sign your paperwork then your wedding will then become a commitment ceremony. It's the law so there's no messing around with that.

Witnesses must be sober, however, we can substitute for another witness, if need be.

Make sure you eat breakfast……it could be a while before you eat, it will help you avoid fainting.

Drink plenty of water…….stay hydrated and avoid those fainting nerves.

Move any engagement rings to your right hand unless they fit with your wedding ring.

Tight wedding band? Try applying some oil or moisturiser before the ceremony

Waterproof mascara, a long-lasting lipstick, and a small mirror are your best friends.

Maid/Matron or Mate of honour will be there to keep an eye on the bride’s dress, ensure the train and veil is placed correctly before walking down for the processional and recessional (check for leaf litter) and hold the bouquet for the bride during the ceremony. They also need to keep an eye on the booze consumption of the bride. A tipsy bride isn't cool. They are your wing-gal on the day.

The Best Man is there to make sure the groom is relaxed, has everything he needs, and is not stressing about anything. But also making sure the groom doesn't overdo it on the booze consumption. He may also be the go-between for the bride and groom if they want to keep with tradition and not see each other before the ceremony but then's always mobile phones. They may also hold the rings but these days anyone can bring these forward for the ceremony.

Groomsmen… when you see the bridesmaids, it will help relax them.

Nothing in pockets, sunglasses, and phones away (so they don't bulk out your pockets) and fold your hands in front (not in pockets).

Bouquets ……hold at BELLY BUTTON level not BOOB level (or as I say hold them at Pubes, not Boobs) and watch out for wet stems that they don't stain the dress.

Processional……..when it's time to walk chin up, shoulders back - SMILE – walk naturally (no death march) but don't too quick. Check-in with the pace of the music.

About being late……brides love to/need to make an entrance but be considerate of your guests and your vendor's time. A few minutes late is fine but anything after 20 minutes is rude for your vendors and your guests. And legally your celebrant does not have to stay if the ceremony starts more than 20 after the agreed time.

BUT JUST stay in contact with ME and let me know what's happening.

I can keep your partner calm and your guests informed.

During the ceremony…..

It's OK to hold is of course, OK to kiss but it's so much better if you save it till the end

Look at each other when saying the vows, not me. I’ll talk you through the ceremony.

Putting the ring on….push it up to the knuckle, say your words, pause, then push forward. I will scurry off to the side to make sure I am out of the way so hold off till then if you can.

THIS KISS's what everyone is waiting for. Do it after the rings and I may just ask you to do it again before you go down the aisle.

Sign all documents in your maiden name

Take a moment together ...... if we sign the paperwork during your ceremony, before you boogie up the aisle, you will sign first. Once you are done I will get to step to the side and just have a moment together while your witnesses sign. TAKE THAT MOMENT TOGETHER - breathe. It might be the only time you have on your own again for several hours. Enjoy it. It will be fleeting.

Your marriage certificate can’t be replaced – I’ll need to give it to a responsible person.

And it will pass in a flash...... so again, sometime, just the two of you, to knick off for a quick 5-minute chat. Just grab a glass and hide together. Don't let the big event swallow you both up with taking a second to be together and remember why you pulled this big event together.

It’s going to be so wonderful. Make sure you breathe, relax and enjoy it!

There you go. They are my tips to help you make the most of your wedding day. To help you get ready and to hopefully see if it passes as the best day ever.


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