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WEDDING TIPS #5 – What’s an unplugged wedding ceremony?

An ‘unplugged’ ceremony is basically device free. Where we ask your wedding guests to take a break from the device and let the professionals capture the wedding. Maybe experience the event IRL (In Real Life)? It is a whole movement and here are my thoughts.

  • Phones on SILENT? Firstly, I ask guests to check their phones are on silent. Like REALLY check. We do NOT want to hear the “Eye of the Tiger” ringtone just as you are about to say the most beautiful sentimental vows to each other.

  • Tuck that phone away - I then say to guests to now tuck their mini computer away for 20 minutes, they will not need it. Instead, just relax and be a guest, not another photography vendor.

  • You’ve paid professionals – I explain that there is professional photographers and maybe even videographers, that are being paid a handsome (but usually reasonable) fee to capture the whole wedding. Let them do their job.

  • Don’t get in the way – Inevitably, if people are using their phones to take pics or videos, they will be holding it up high or sticking the phone into the aisle making it IMPOSSIBLE for the photographer to capture the moment. And the photos you get back will be of phones in amongst a see of faces. Not what you want.

  • Photos of your guests faces, not devices – When you look back on your photos in years to come you want to see the lovely expressions on guests faces, not the back of their devices.

  • Relax, be present – if your guests put that phone away you can experience the wedding in REAL TIME. Not through a small screen. You can really be present and be part of it and not just trying to take the next Boomerang or Tik Tok video.

  • Unplugged signage – loads of couples are getting signs made up to alert guests to the ‘unplugged’ request. Check out Etsy for downloadable ones, get it made or just make and print at Officeworks. Saying things like

  1. “Eyes Up. Phone down. Hearts open.”

  2. “You don’t need that phone. We just need YOU".

  3. “Don’t be THAT guy. No photos during the ceremony please”

  4. "Please be present and enjoy our ceremony device free"

  5. “Please respect our wishes, no photos until after we are Mr & Mrs”

  6. “Oh Poo! No pics until after the I Do’s”

  • Social media embargo – Yep, it’s a thing and the wedding couple should have the right to post on social media before anyone else does. I am always happy to make that announcement at the start of the ceremony.

Look, there will always be people who do not listen (it’s usually the parents), who want to snap their own keepsake, it is their daughter/son after all. But at least, if I make a general announcement and say that it is the couples wishes people are pretty compliant.

And you will have happy photographers and videographers who will be able to get the very best snaps for you without having to Photoshop out devices or miss great shots cause Aunty Patty was busy standing in the aisle getting THE pic she wanted.

Drop me a line and enquire if I am available –


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