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WEDDING TIPS #3 – tips for the best wedding day.

All the best planning in the world can sometimes come undone or get flipped on its head. But here’s some sure-fire ways to be ready.

  • Alcohol – your friend or foe? Look, I hate lectures about drinking (tiny bit of a hypocrite). So I will just say this. LEGALLY you can NOT be drunk at your wedding ceremony. REMEMBER you’ll be signing legal documents. If your celebrant assesses you’re ‘under the influence ‘they may NOT be legally able to marry you. They may do a commitment ceremony instead, but you may have to do the legal parts at another date. (Yep, it’s a thing). That goes for witnesses – yep, witnesses must be sober, however we can substitute for another witness, if need be. SO don’t overdo it before the ceremony. Plenty of time after.

  • You gotta eat - do get some food into you. It can be a REALLY long day, lots of nerves and adrenaline. You DO NOT want to faint during your ceremony. OR AT ALL. If you skip breakfast or lunch it could be dinner before you eat. And try not to put alcohol on an empty stomach (see the first point at the top). So either have a great breakfast or lots of snacks. Plan out food for you and your crew or it could ruin your wedding. Why not order some picnic boxes for both wedding parties from a fab caterer, have them delivered? No mess, no fuss.

  • Drink plenty of water – seems basic but regardless of the weather the excitement and nerves will have you running on high octane. Try to stay hydrated and avoid those fainting nerves.

  • Wearing an engagement ring? Then think about if you should move to your right hand or take the engagement ring(s) off just for the ceremony.

  • Tight wedding band? That’s OK, try applying some oil or moisturiser to your ring finger before the ceremony. I carry some Vaseline/paw paw ointment with me for this very reason.

  • Makeup essentials - waterproof mascara, a long lasting lipstick and a small mirror are your best friends. Keep a little kit with you, including some makeup wipes, you know, just in case.

  • Will there be tears? Probably and that is all part of it. Don’t be terrified of crying, it’s just emotions being expressed. I’ll have tissues up the front for you but you can carry some too if you think you or your intended might blubber just a little.

  • Maid of Honour or Best Bridesmaid – their job is to keep an eye on the bride’s dress, ensure the train and veil is placed correctly for photos and also before/after walking the aisle (they should also check for leaf litter if the ceremony is outside). They are also the ones who hold the wedding bouquet when needed. It’s a nonstop job so keep them fuelled with food and water.

  • Groomsmen & Best Man – their job is keeping the groom calm and on time. NOT get him smashed (see above about alcohol). Before the ceremony starts just check there’s nothing in pockets (sunglasses, phones, wallets). Pop phones on silent and away (maybe give to a guest to hold?). Hands? What to do with them? Hold them at the front or back but NOT in pockets. Do a last minute check that jackets are buttoned the same way and the boutonnieres/flowers are in place.

  • Who’s got the rings – last minute check that the person who should have them HAS THEM.

  • Bouquets – I always say “hold them at your pubes, not your boobs”. Not down too low. And watch out for wet stems leaving stains on dresses.

  • Walking down the aisle/the ‘Processional’ - chin up, shoulders back, SMILE, make eye contact and walk to the stop the celebrant has shown you OR just line up opposite the groomsmen. And PLEASE walk naturally (no death march of step-stop-step-stop – it just looks strange), not too fast or too slow. Try to match the music pace if you can.

  • Be on time – it is so NOT cool to be late. Some think it’s a tradition and want to make an entrance. An ON TIME entrance is even better. Try to be considerate of your partner, guests and your vendor’s time.

  • Stay in contact with your celebrant (ME) and let me know what time you will arrive or if delayed. Just a text and a time is all I need and I will keep your other half calm and the guests settled if I know.

Hopefully those tips can help you have a great wedding day. But remember, it isn’t opening night at Hamilton. Things may go wrong or not quite right. Just relax, laugh and enjoy it. You will be married no matter what.

Image above thanks Gareth + Taliya & to @thebeautifulcollective

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