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Jo, can we include our pets in our wedding ceremony?

Jo Booth Celebrant


We can absolutely find a way to include your fur-baby/best friend in the ceremony. Maybe like Wasabi here in the wedding dress?

Pets are great and I am 100% for them. But do check with your venue if you can bring them along.

Then lets chat about what their personality is like and how best we can include them.

Can they bring the rings (stunt rings)? Be a flower girl? Can they escort you down the aisle?

Or perhaps they are just there to sleep through the ceremony and be gorgeous.

There are great companies out there that specialise in looking after your pets for the wedding. They will get them ready, bring them along, support during the ceremony and photos and then take them either home to your place OR pet sit for the night.

But whatever you want to include them let me I will put my thinking cap on.

Don't forget to tell your photographer too so they can think about how they get them in the shot list.

Oh and I would love to meet them. And for you to meet my furry best mate, Zia. Can she come to our meetings? Promise she will fall asleep instantly.


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