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Elopements. They are all the rage.

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Jo Booth Celebrant

Sooooo many couples are opting for a short 'n sweet elopement rather than a big wedding paloozah. They are pocketing all that saved cash and going on a brilliant holiday or a deposit on their first home together.

The options are endless and so exciting. It could your favourite hilltop or the park bench where you met. It could be in your car or the nightclub dance floor you first boogied on. There are no rules and I am UP FOR ANYTHING. Paddle boards? Skis? Horseback? COUNT ME IN.

Look the basics of a marriage ceremony are really simple - it just needs to be the couple, two witnesses (over 18) and your celebrant. The witnesses can even be your photographer and his assistant. Or a friend. OR I can bring the two witnesses. It's super easy.

As long as the notice of intended marriage is signed and lodged one month before the date of the ceremony and the 124 words are said by the wedding couple then you are good to go.

I have done a ceremony in 3 minutes. In an airport lounge. With two strangers who were at the next table.

Of course you can personalise the ceremony and say your own vows and exchange rings. The content is really up to you but please don't feel you have to go thorugh a massive wedding palava if you don't want to.

If you are interested go check out my elopement options on my packages page and come chat to me about the options. I'd love to get you hitch and wave you off to your next exciting chapter.

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