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Help! My wedding reception needs an MC! STAT!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

OK, don't panic.

Jo Booth Celebrant

Easily fixed. So glad you are looking for a professional MC. Not depending on your extroverted work colleague or your brothers footy coach who hosts the Christmas Concert each year. Look, I am sure they'd do a stellar job - but are they guests or working for you? They won't really get to relax if they trying to pull the threads of your reception together.

And then if they start drinking to "for a bit of dutch courage" that can start getting really bad when they have a skin full and a microphone in their hands. Cause make no mistake, MCing a wedding reception for 2 - 3 hours can seem like an eternity if you aren't really sure what you are doing.

And please, for all things that are good and holy DO NOT decide to run the reception yourself as the wedding party. You want to relax and make beautiful memories with your new hubby/wife not be barking orders to staff, worrying about when the speeches are going to start or where the musicians are. All for the sake of $300 - $500.

Get a professional on your side. Let them (ME just for example) take the burden of running the perfect wedding reception for you. A professional MC will make sure the run sheet is bullet proof and work with the venue (especially the kitchen) to make sure its realistic and on track. If your Dad's speech goes over by 18 minutes (instead of the 3 minutes he promised you) then your MC will be able to gently wind him up while also keeping the kitchen calm and giving them a new plating time (they are probably holding 200 main meals waiting for Dad to finish up). A professional MC will be able to move things around, work on the fly and make sure you aren't troubled at your own reception.

I see my main roll as an MC is work with all the vendors (e.g. venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, band, performers) and basically event manage the whole event. Make it look and fe

they are on, that the key photo opps that you and your photographer have discussed are all set up and that there are no nasty surprises like forgetting to cut the cake or losing the best man right before his speech.

A good MC will look like a duck paddling on the water. Smooth and calm up above while paddling madly underneath.

So keep a little extra in your budget for a wedding reception MC. I promise you that you won't regret it.

OH and I have a little package deal for those who hire me as celebrant, I have a discounted rate for MC the wedding reception. It's a match made in heaven.

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