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WEDDING TIPS #1 – Wedding rings - how to ensure that perfect special moment in your ceremony.

Exchanging your wedding bands is the one wedding tradition that 99.9% of couples definitely keep. So to make sure that moment is perfect and captured forever on video and pics here are a couple of tips. But I am gonna assume you had them fitted properly before the big day ok.

  • Do the wedding bands fit? Make sure you try them on multiple times BEFORE the wedding. If you do a ‘wed-shred’ or perhaps got comfortable with a few extra kilos both of those things may affect how your rings fit. So check them out in the lead up. If you’ve lost a lot of weigh they will be loose and you could lose them when being spun around on the dance floor. OR if you gained a tiny weeny bit (let’s just call it ‘water weight’) of weight, they may not go on at all. It’s really not a big job to get them re-sized by a good jeweler. Just allow plenty of time to do that.

  • I’m scared it will get stuck on the day? – see #2 above to make sure in the lead up the rings are all good. BUT if you know they are snug and might get stuck on the day, that’s no problem. I always carry (any good celebrant will) a little Vaseline in my wedding day emergency kit. Just a dab of that right before the ceremony will make sure that sucker just glides right on there for you.

  • Make that bauble shine - get your engagement ring cleaned cause you want that baby to sparkle on the day as everyone asks to see your rings. So don’t forget to clean it (or take it to be cleaned by a jeweler) right before the day.

  • Got time for manicure? You’ll be flashing your wedding bands to everyone after the ceremony. Maybe just get a quick manicure before the day (guys I am looking more at you). Your photographer is going to be snapping plenty of pics of putting those rings on and maybe more later. You don’t want to regret having car mechanic hands in your all your photos later on.

  • Should I wear my engagement ring? Well tradition says your wedding ring should be the closest to your heart. BUUUUUUT, you know, tradition. You do you boo! You can just switch it over to the other hand right before the ceremony or take it off all together. If your wedding band is made to fit right into it then just leave it in position on the day. The only rules on this are the ones YOU make.

  • Don’t push the ring on till I say GO – I like to tell my couples to just put the ring at the top of the finger and not to push it all the way down until I have stepped away. That way it is just YOU TWO in your pictures and not my fat boof head as you do this very meaningful thing.

There I hope those wedding tips are helpful as you get ready for you big day. Don’t worry, if I am your celebrant I will be there to guide you the whole way. I am your wedding-day-wing-chick.

Drop me a line and enquire if I am available –


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