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Why I love wedding fairs and expo's

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

A lot of people (prospective couples and wedding vendors alike) don't like wedding fairs and expos but I BLOODY love them.

Jo Booth Celebrant

Everyone is all in one place. Those getting married and those who can help you. Sure it can get a bit pushy and sometimes a bit of a crush happens outside the free gelato stand or the ones giving away free booze (I always pray I am put next to these ones) but sometimes you just have to put your big girl/boy pants on and join the throng. You can get all your whole wedding solved in ONE DAY. And you meet the vendors and their products face to face.

You can hear what that band sounds like. You can check out a photographers albums in person. You can gaze into the eyes of your future wedding celebrant and see if they are the ones you want right next to you when the ring goes on.

I love these events cause I get to meet prospective couples too. I get to feel from a quick 1 minute chat if they are for ME. I don't collect emails or phone numbers. I have a postcard and some Fantales (the superior of all the pre-wrapped sweets plus it has a game on each wrapper). I check if I'm free on your date and if so I give you a quick JO-Elevator pitch and then send you on your way. If I have done my job then I will stick in your memory and you will get in touch. I don't want to put any pressure on you (marketers tell me off for that) cause you have enough pressure as it is.

So go along to an expo. Be brave. There are always smallish ones at local venues. Call your venue and see if they are doing an open day. If you don't have a venue they just do a search for 'wedding fairs' or 'wedding expos' and many will come up. Some charge, some don't.

OH AND DON'T FORGET - many vendors will have a discount or gift on offer if you book them via that expo. Don't miss out on that stuff as every cent can help. Just have your budget in your head, don't commit there and then but keep your mind open.

So be brave. Go check 'em out. And please come chat to me and take a Fantale.

If you're looking for me I'm going to be out and about in the coming months - come and say HI

OTHERS SOON TO BE ANNOUCED (when the world settles down)

  • The Ultimate Bridal Show Sydney

  • The Entertainment Grounds (Gosford)

  • The Hills Wedding Expo

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