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Your wedding NEEDS back up plan(s)

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Jo Booth Celebrant

You know what they say – “Hope for the best but plan for the worst”. Your wedding needs MANY types of backup plans in these crazy times.

Yep, the world is throwing lots of curveballs lately. The government and COVID, changes to our weather or changes to how weddings can take place.

So many things we (or you wedding-planning couples) just don't control.

So focus on what you DO control.

BACK UP PLANS – every wedding needs em. Yep, it’s a super sexy topic but believe me, they will help you take your foot off the pre-wedding-stress pedal. I’m suggesting you think about Plan B, C, D, and research E.

Here, in no particular order (OK, they matched the theme);

Plan B - Bushfires - if your venue is remote or in a ‘fire possible location what are the options? What if you are already there but your guests and vendors can’t get there or will be REALLY delayed? What if the whole place is cut off and you can’t get there? Or is fire damaged? What if there is a LOT of smoke around?

Plan C - COVID - yep, it's a thing and so many changes and restrictions are completely out of our control. In fact not following health advice can be harmful and illegal. But chat through the various scenarios. There have been so many affecting weddings over the last 18 months.

1) Weddings can’t take place.

2) Weddings restricted to 10 guests.

3) Wedding guests numbers restricted/limited

4) Weddings OK but restrictions on movement, dancing or all have to wear masks.

So talk about ALL of those options. Envision what that will look like. Will you go ahead and still get married on your preferred date in whatever way you can? OR will you just shift/postpone? Do you know what guests you will trim down if you needed to? Having to make these decisions on the fly can be really sad and taxing.

Plan D - damn it's HOT, damn it's WET, damn it's WINDY – OK, Australian weddings can be harsh and tricky but that can be OH SO BEAUTIFUL. But think through the options for a super HOT day. Is there shade for your guests? Parasols? Move the ceremony to a shady spot? What about refreshments or a water station?

What is it rains? Just a bit. Or a lot. What if it FLOODS (yep, think of it all). Is there an indoor option? Can you hire a marquee? Hire umbrellas? What will people be standing in? How about the very young or the very old? Will they be ok?

Also in the above think about what you are wearing? Will you be comfortable? Do you have options if the temps are working for your outfit(s)?

What about the added costs? Do you have room in your budget for ‘extras’?

Plan E - explore your vendor's contracts. Well, it's not a Plan to enact but have a chat with your vendors about the options for plans B, C, or D.

Every contract/agreement will be different. Every vendor will have had different experiences with clients. Some may have been burnt by disagreements with clients or situations they were blamed for but had no control over. If you feel like you are getting resistance or you don’t like those terms just ask WHY they have that clause?

Then ask them what, in YOUR specific case (with your specific venue or location), would they do for Plans B, C or D. Get it all out on the table. Preferably before you sign a contract. But if it's after you've signed then at least have the conversation.

My point? (Do get to one Jo). Well, I have a few -

1) There is no point in being heartbroken over things you don’t control. You do control how you react to them and the impact stress can have on you.

2) Be prepared and have these discussions with each other in advance. I promise it will absolutely make life easier if you do have to enact any of these plans.

3) Do your research and do bring this up with your vendors. We are all very experienced with these different scenarios. BUT WE ALL OPERATE DIFFERENTLY. All our contracts are different, know your options.

4) Communication – in the worst-case scenario do you have an easy way to communicate with all your guests? Vendors? Have you set up a spreadsheet with phone numbers and/or emails? Do you have a What’s App group or similar? Are ALL your guests on there?

5) Lastly BE KIND. I know you are spending lots (OK buckets) of money. But please remember that every vendor you choose is doing the best they can to keep their business alive. For you, it’s one day for us it's MANY couples. Many dates. And it's our livelihood Remember what is happening to you will be happening to many others which we as vendors are dealing with constantly. It’s as heartbreaking to us as it is to you.

OK, now sit down with your other half and go through all the possible scenarios. Pour your favourite beverage and just talk through all the possibilities and get things out on the table.

As I have said above, having to make these decisions ‘on the fly’ or very last minute can be really sad and really taxing. But having already explored them, knowing how your intended spouse feels and having some plans in place will make a world of difference. And just talking about them doesn’t mean they will happen.

We are ALL shooting for Plan A. I want you to have the most amazing day EVER. I want you to be blown away by your ceremony. I want your reception (if you have cleverly asked me to MC) to exceed your fun scale. But knowing that things can go tits up and having thought those things through is just a smart and prudent thing to do.

So get to it. Go on. Schedule a chat with your other half RIGHT NOW.

If you want to chat or debate the above, just send me a message via my contact page and I will take it from there.

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